About Movexum

Value-creating, inspiring, guiding and challenging.

Our remit to create growth in the region by taking innovative ideas and turning them into commercial products and services gives us our core values, direction and support. Since we started in 2008, we have helped approximately 100 entrepreneurs and innovators. A few of the companies have now been listed on the stock exchange, most of them currently have several employees, and some of them have really changed people’s lives with their solutions, and provided them opportunities they otherwise would not have had. We are proud that our activities have contributed to some of the success stories of our region.

At Movexum, we are not only passionate about helping people build successful companies from their ideas, we are also very engaged in issues such as equality and equal opportunities. For us it´s important that when you come to us with your idea, the only things that are assessed are the potential of your idea and your personal motivation, nothing else.

Being a Movexum incubator company doesn´t only mean that we professionally support and help you progress, both your company and yourself, it also means you become part of a great community that offers you support, motivation, knowledge and of course competence. A warm welcome to you!

The Movexum-team

We have a dedicated and engaged team that is passionate about helping people realise their ideas.

Ulrika Malmqvist

Managing director

Ivar Renngård

Business coach

Johan Wickenberg

Business coach

Madelene Sund

Event and community manager

Richard Hainsworth

International coach

Daniel Edströms

Project manager sustaniabillity

Anna Utterberg

Communications manager

Gunilla Roberg

Business coach

Hampus Granström

Project manager internationalization Project Sprint X

Carina Åkerberg

Project manager acceleration Project Sprint X

Jenny Ohlsson

Finance and accounting manager

Staffan Thegel

Project manager finance Project Sprint X

Angelica Adamski

Business coach

Therese Öhman

Finance and accounting manager

Our board

Johan Färnstrand

President of the board

Håkan Rönström

Board member

Torbjörn Jonsson

Board member

Gunilla Mårtensson

Board member

Staffan Thegel

Board member

Eva Lindberg

Board member

Want to know what our companies thinks of us?

Here you´ll find some examples of companies that are, or have been, part of our incubator have to say about us.


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Annika Roos


Annikas nuvarande titel är Head of Powder Operations, Additive Manufacturing Division, Sandvik Machining Solutions. Är utbildad civilingenjör med inriktning teknisk fysik. Har sedan 1986 jobbat på Sandvik i ledande positioner inom flertalet olika områden, bland annat som Supply Chain Managemant, Marketing, Communications, Sales och R&D. Är för närvarande styrelseordförande i Sandvik Utbildnings AB (inklusive Göranssonska skolan) och Osprey Ltd (ett företag i Storbritannien helägt av Sandvik).

”Jag vill bidra med min långa erfarenhet från många olika funktioner inom industrin till att skapa tillväxt i regionen – att stötta företagare med att utveckla sina affärsidéer till framtida etablerade verksamheter.”

Jonas Lundblad


Mer information kommer

Lisa Wiik


Lisa Wiik, Torsåker, är VD på Wiiks Rör AB. Har studerat ekonomi och har haft ett antal styrelseuppdrag, bland annat i Företagarna och Köpmannaföreningen. Sitter idag i styrelserna för Comfort Sverige och Handelsbanken, även aktiv i marknadsrådet i Comfort.

”Jag har valt att sitta i Movexums styrelse då jag är aktiv och brinner för tillväxt inom alla möjliga områden. Jag tror också attt jag kan bidra med erfaenheten från mina helt olika styrelseuppdrag som jag haft genom åren.”