Boost Chamber - enhance your idea!

Movexums Boost Chamber act as a pre-intake to our incubator and is i first step into Gävleborgs startup-community.

Together with other entrepreneurs, you will have the opportunity to enhance your idea, test it against potential customers and take the first step to commercialising your idea. You have the opportunity to try out the role of entrepreneur and start to think about the kind of role you should have if you are to build a company. There may be other skills than yours that are needed to realise your idea – and what would such a team look like? Our Boost Chamber is also a perfect way to get a feel for who we are at Movexum and what we can offer you.

How Boost Chamber works

You can apply to Boost Chamber if you live in Gävleborg county and have an idea, but you are not yet ready to take the step into our incubator. You don´t need to have any previous knowledge, but we want you to be motivated and willing to dedicate the time that the programme requires. During the eight week duration of the programme, you have the opportunity to work with the following:

Build a foundation

We explore your idea with the help of known start-up methodologies. You receive professional feedback and individual business coaching.

Challenge and question

We work with questions such as who is my customer? What is my offering and how do I package it? How do I reach customers? Which resources and competences do I need?

Develop the idea further

What will the next step be? Can my idea solve more problems?


Together with other participants, you will learn loads and have fun on the way.


We welcome 10-15 idea-holders and start-ups to participate in each round. The programme lasts for approximately three months and contains both whole-day activities and half-day activities. All participants sign a non-disclosure agreement with each other so that everybody can be open with their ideas. The co-organisers of Boost Chamber are Propell Innovation in Hudiksvall and Sandbacka Park in Sandviken. The programme includes theory days in Gävle, Sandviken and Hudiksvall, a two-day long Boost Camp, business reviews and pitch training. Boost Chamber ends with a final pitch in front of a knowledgeable investor panel. Once all the Boost Chamber participants have delivered their pitches, our investor panel writes a recommendation on those participants that they would like to be transferred into our incubator programme. The Movexum team then decides which participants are to be accepted into the incubator.

Through our Boost Chamber you recieve:

– Business coaching and feedback on your idea

– Network building with important stakeholders

– Free access to the innovation centres Propell Innovation, Movexum and Sandbacka Park

– Access to innovation coaches and expertise within different fields.

– An opportunity to pitch once a month including feedback

– Invitations to exciting seminars, presentations and competitions


Sounds exciting, right?

Send us your application today!


"Great atmoshpere, important input, capable and engaged coaches"

Previous Boost Chamber participants tell us about their ideas and share their experience from our pre-incubator.