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Do you have an idea that simply must see the light of day?

Movexum´s mission is to help people to build successful companies from their ideas. You can come to us for help and access to coaching, financing, communities, networks, marketing and communication as well as infrastructure for building a sustainable business. We help motivated entrepreneurs and innovators to develop and commercialise their ideas.

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What kind of help can you recieve via an incubator?


We offer you access to:

Business coaching

Our coaches work with you individually. Your coach is your sounding board during our growth programme and also coordinates access to the specialists we have in our network. As a Movexum company, you can have access to your coach for up to four hours every week. We work in a focused way with you and your company´s maturation to create sustainable growth on an international market. Business coaching is adapted to your abilities and situation, but it always requires your active work and decision-making to drive your business forward.

Customer network

Gaining faster access to your market in Sweden or abroad is one of the things you receive as a Movexum company, and hopefully your first customer. You and your company get matched with the established networks of customers we have in a range of sectors. At an early phase, you will use potential customers to develop your idea and your offering to find the best way of satisfying their needs and generating value.


En tillväxtresa kan ibland endast bli möjlig med hjälp av externt kapital. Vi ger till tillgång till olika vägar att finansiera utveckling, test och affärsutveckling mot en lönsam verksamhet med betalande kunder.

Infrastructure for a sustaniable company

Via Movexum, you as an entrepreneur will be able to sleep better at night. We have access to resources that enjoy, and are experts at, doing the things that you might perceive as boring but that are critically important: ensuring that the principles for ownership, contracts, financial accounting and governance are effective and follow the relevant regulations. But also, that you as an entrepreneur have protection for yourself and your idea, which creates confidence and market edge.

Marketing and communications

Together with Movexum and our expert partners, you have the opportunity to develop a unique brand and create an identity and awareness in your chosen markets. Effective marketing provides the right support for your sales and you become a known player in the national start-up scene, visible to both customers and Investors.


Movexum is the route in to Gävleborg´s start-up community that provides you a network of new and experienced entrepreneurs, innovation support organisations and investors - all with an interest in start-ups. Through us you also have access to a national and international network of around 80 incubators and science parks via our industry organisation SISP. There you will find business development support targeted for different sectors and specialist competences. Experience has shown us that meetings between entrepreneurs often lead to new customers, exchange of experience and not uncommonly, new collaboration and joint business.

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Value-creating, inspiring, guiding and challenging.

Since we started in 2008, Movexum has helped approximately 100 entrepreneurs and innovators. A few of the companies have now been listed on the stock exchange, most of them currently have several employees, and some of them have really changed people’s lives through their solutions, and provided them opportunities they otherwise would have missed. We are proud that our activities have contributed to some of the success stories of our region.

Being a Movexum incubator company doesn´t only mean that we professionally support and help you progress both your company and yourself, it also means you become part of a great community that offers you support, motivation, knowledge and of course competence. A warm welcome to you!

Startups currently in the incubator

Sensors that measure railway infrastructure, an all inclusive concept for rental bikes, an outdoor office, sugar reduced candy and ways of producing new qualities in steel by using impinging jet-technology. The areas in which some of our startups work are varied and very exciting!