How do things work in the incubator?

We help people to build successful companies from their ideas.

You can come to us if you have an idea that you want to develop about a new product or service, but you´re unsure on how to get started. Through business coaching, advice, and working with well-established start-up methodologies, we analyse your idea´s potential and intended market together. Our incubator programme lasts for 18 months, during which you receive continuous coaching, meet other Movexum companies, gain access to our wide network, get invited to seminars and presentations. You are also offered the possibility to work from one of our premises in central Gävle, or in one of our regional nodes.

We offer you access to:

Our coaches work with you individually. Your coach is your sounding board during our growth programme and also coordinates access to the specialists we have in our network. As a Movexum company, you can have access to your coach for up to four hours every week.

We work in a focused way with you and your company´s maturation to create sustainable growth on an international market. Business coaching is adapted to your abilities and situation, but it always requires your active work and decision-making to drive your business forward.

Gaining faster access to your market in Sweden or abroad is one of the things you receive as a Movexum company, and hopefully your first customer. You and your company get matched with the established networks of customers we have in a range of sectors.

At an early phase, you will use potential customers to develop your idea and your offering to find the best way of satisfying their needs and generating value.

Working with Movexum provides you access to a range of ways to finance development, testing and business development towards being a profitable business with paying customers. You are given opportunities and support to attract both start-up capital, grants, loans and share capital. But above all, you get the chance to have early contact with those that make your business sustainable – the customers.

A growth journey can sometimes only happen with the help of external capital and we equip you and your company to meet, attract and manage this in the best way.

Via Movexum, you as an entrepreneur will be able to sleep better at night. We have access to resources that enjoy, and are experts at, doing the things that you might perceive as boring but that are critically important: ensuring that the principles for ownership, contracts, financial accounting and governance are effective and follow the relevant regulations.

But also, that you as an entrepreneur have protection for yourself and your idea, which creates confidence and market edge.

Together with Movexum and our expert partners, you have the opportunity to develop a unique brand and create an identity and awareness in your chosen markets. Effective marketing provides the right support for your sales and you become a known player in the national start-up scene, visible to both customers and Investors.

Movexum is the route in to Gävleborg´s start-up community that provides you a network of new and experienced entrepreneurs, innovation support organisations and investors – all with an interest in start-ups. Through us you also have access to a national and international network of around 80 incubators and science parks via our industry organisation SISP. There you will find business development support targeted for different sectors and specialist competences.

Experience has shown us that meetings between entrepreneurs often lead to new customers, exchange of experience and not uncommonly, new collaboration and joint business.

Who can receive help?

Our mission is to work with innovative methods, ways of working, services or inventions in Gävleborg´s county. This means that anybody living in Gävleborgs county or plan to set ut its business here and who has a new idea with some sort of competitive edge, or a new solution that has the potential to become a company, can receive help from us. We have certain criteria that need to be fulfilled by the companies that we can support in our incubator programme. For example, we look at:

The level of innovation

A new innovative product, service or method, or a significant improvement on an existing solution.


The idea has some potential to grow

Motivated entrepreneur

As a person, you are committed and willing to allocate the time needed to build a successful company.


Your idea contributes to a sustainable society or creates societal value, or supports one of the Agenda 2030 global goals.

International market

Your idea has a market beyond the Swedish borders.

How the entrance process works

We receive applications via our application form but also through tips from our partners and network. Every application to our incubator is allocated to one of our coaches who presents the idea to the entire Movexum team. As the person who represents the idea, you can then be invited in to a meeting to present and describe your idea in more detail. After the meeting, the entire team discusses the extent to which you are qualified to be enrolled into our incubator. In addition to the enrolment criteria, our coaches also make an assessment of where you are on the maturity matrix Movexum works after. Perhaps you have progressed far enough with your product or service to be directly accepted into our incubator, or perhaps you need to work a little more on your idea and may be suitable for our pre-incubator Boost Chamber. Enrolment into the incubator happens continuously throughout the year.

 However far you have come with your idea, we would like you to start by sending in your application form to us. It gives us an understanding of the type of help you may need and helps us prepare for our meeting. The information you provide us, in writing or verbally, is treated confidentially. Once you have been enrolled in the incubator, the first thing that happens is that you are allocated a coach. You work together to create a view of the current situation and a desired goal for the development of your idea. Then work commences in our incubator to step-by-step develop your idea and you as an entrepreneur. We place demands on the commitment and future-focused work from our companies. These demands, and what you as a company in our incubator have the right to expect from us, are contained within an agreement that we both sign.

Sounds exciting, right?

Send us an application form today.


Boost Chamber - a chance to enhance your idea

Movexum´s Boost Chamber acts as a pre-intake to our incubator and is a first step into Gävleborg’s start-up community. Together with other entrepreneurs, you will have the opportunity to enhance your idea, test it against potential customers and take the first step to commercialising your idea. It´s also a perfect way to get a feel for who we are at Movexum and what we can offer you.


"Don´t hesitate to join!"

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