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Supporting the progress of more knowledge-intensive companies with strong growth and a long-term base in Gävle requires collaboration. Our partners contribute both financially to our business, and also contribute resources in the form of specialist expertise to our incubator companies. Does your business also want to support the future growth of innovative companies in Gävleborg? Get in touch with us at info@movexum.se

It’s not just about a new job, it´s about a better future. Clockwork´s ambition is to be a source of resources for companies and people who want to develop. You can turn to them when you want to take the next step, as a company or an individual.

Find out more about Clockwork at their website.

Nordea is the largest financial group in Scandinavia and is a full-service bank. Nordea has offices in 17 countries and the bank’s home markets are the four Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Together these make up the tenth largest economy in the world. Making the most of ideas and developing innovative solutions is nothing one does alone. That´s why Nordea works with fintech hubs and start-up companies.

Find out more about Nordea at their website.

Norlin & Partners support and help organisations, groups and individuals to develop with the objective of changing, improving, streamlining and achieving a better result. When managers and employees release their full potential, the entire company achieves an improved result. Norlin & Partners has thorough knowledge and experience in organisational development and leadership.

Find out more about Norlin & Partners at their website.

Länsförsäkringar Gävleborg is one of 23 customer-owned, local and independent insurance companies within the Länsförsäkringar group. Länsförskringar´s mission is to help people and companies that live and operate in Hälsingland and Gästrikland to feel safe and secure. Länsförsäkringar offers you not only insurance for all aspects of life, it is also a popular bank and an all-service real estate broker.

Find out more about Länsförsäkringar Gävleborg at their website.

Area X has run data center operations since 2008, first in Gävle but now also in several places around the country. Area X works with the latest technology and can offer colocation, dedicated servers, virtual servers, virtual data centers and cloud-based backup. They also have the knowledge to set up mixed environments where some are located in their data centers and some in customers’ own data halls. Area X’s business concept is to provide the best server infrastructure at a competitive price. Of course, all data is stored in the company’s data centers in Sweden. The target group is companies that need a stable server infrastructure for their products in the cloud and / or development servers in shorter or longer projects. Read more about Area X on their website.

Lindahl is one of Sweden´s largest business law firms with around 400 employees, some two-thirds of which are lawyers. Lindahl´s customers are often innovative knowledge-based companies. In addition to the firm’s broad capacity, we have specialist expertise within intellectual property, life sciences, technology, media, telecoms and process. We also have a long and solid experience in areas such as banking and finance, capital markets, M&A and real estate.

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With 7.4 million private customers and 625,000 corporate customers, Swedbank is the leading bank for the many households and companies. Swedbank is part of the financial system and has a responsibility to promote a long-term sustainable economy. Swedbank has a strong commitment to social issues, such as knowledge building, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Find out more about Swedbank at their website.

Norrlandsfonden is a foundation with the task of promoting the development of companies in Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Gävleborg with growth ambitions. Our customers are in almost all industries, from the manufacturing industry and the hospitality industry to IT and biotechnology companies. We are particularly interested in companies that invest in new technology or in new business areas with good growth opportunities. We offer flexible top loans for new establishment, development and expansion. With various forms of loans, guarantees or guarantees, we can tailor and supplement the financing on top of the company’s own capital investment and bank financing. Every year, we lend around SEK 300 million, which provides opportunities for offensive and forward-looking investments and helps both companies and people to grow.

Read mor about Norrlandsfonden on their website.

Bjerkéns Patentbyrå KB has been helping companies and individuals with intellectual property matters since the firm was established in 1951. Above all they help customers achieve as comprehensive a protection as possible for the ideas and products that they want to protect as well as assert the clients rights against others. Bjerkéns services encompass all intellectual property areas with an emphasis on patents, trade-marks and design.

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Bonde Barzey Advokatbyrå works nationally and internationally, primarily in the business law areas of Commercial Contract Law, Construction Law, IT Law, the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) & Swedish Data Protection Legislation and Procurement Law. Farmer Barzey likes when their clients want commitment, sensitivity and many years of expertise. At Bonde Barzey Advokatbyrå, you work together or individually in our business law areas.

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