Do you have an idea that simply must see the day of light?

Movexum´s mission is to help people to build successful companies from their ideas. You can come to us for help and access to coaching, financing, communities, networks, marketing and communication as well as infrastructure for building a sustainable business. We help motivated entrepreneurs and innovators to develop and commercialise their ideas.

Value-creating, inspiring, guiding and challenging.

Since we started in 2008, Movexum has helped approximately 100 entrepreneurs and innovators. A few of the companies have now been listed on the stock exchange, most of them currently have several employees, and some of them have really changed people's lives through their solutions, and provided them opportunities they otherwise would have missed. We are proud that our activities have contributed to some of the success stories of our region.

Being a Movexum incubator company doesn´t only mean that we professionally support and help you progress both your company and yourself, it also means you become part of a great community that offers you support, motivation, knowledge and of course competence. A warm welcome to you!

Welcome to our new website.

Hello! We have just done a sneak release of our new website that is still in progress. That means we aren´t fully ready with it yet, for example we are waiting for some more information about our companies. If you are observant, you will also have noticed that our logo has a new look and our visual identity looks different to how it was previously - you can read more about this under news. We would happily welcome feedback and opinions on the website as it now looks, so get in touch!

Startups currently in the incubator

Sensors that measure railway infrastructure, an all inclusive concept for rental bikes, an outdoor office, sugar reduced candy and ways of producing new qualities in steel by using impinging jet-technology. The areas in which some of our startups work are varied and very exciting!

Curious about how it works?

What kind of help can you recieve via an incubator?

Genom att fortsätta använda vår webbplats godkänner du användandet av kakor. Mer information. 

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