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23 januari 2024

The second batch of companies participating in our Northbound Scaleups project are soon to take part in sprints 5 and 6. Once again, Gävle will host a number of scale-ups with the ambition to grow on an international market. Let’s check in with Movexum’s project manager Jini Nälsén before next week’s sessions.

Hi there, Jini – what’s on the agenda for the participating companies in the 5th and 6th sprint in Gävle?
– They’re going to work on preparing for international scale-up by verifying their value proposition, coming up with an international scale-up strategy formulation, and continuing work on their business model. They’re also going to start preparing a market discovery plan.

Do you have your own favorite subject in the project?
– Growth hacking mindset, finding your first/next international market.

✍ When do the applications for the next round of Northbound Scaleup open?
– In April 2024.

❓ What are the most common questions asked by the participants?
– They want to know about the project’s networking opportunities and topics covered.

Has there been any concrete results from the project so far?
– Yes, we have two companies from Sweden and Estonia that have started co-working. Two companies that are buying each other’s services. One affiliate established in Sweden. One company that has started selling in Belgium, Germany, and Norway. There is also an Estonian company that has hired in Sweden.

On, you can find more info about the project as well as scale-up criteria for the companies participating.

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